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Lab Testing Durango Co

Laboratory testing may be necessary in order to identify suspected or hidden causes of health problems. We offer all the standard blood tests as well an alternative to having your blood drawn such as spitting into a cup or licking a diagnostic test strip in some of the lab testings we do.

We utilize a wide variety of lab tests that are available for your specific needs. A few of the tests are listed below:

~    Cardiovascular Risk Profile
~    Digestive Function Tests
~    Food Allergy Testing
~    Genomic Testing
~    Heavy Metal Toxicity
~    Salivary Hormone Testing
~    Standard Blood Tests
~    Stool Analysis:
      Liver Detox Profile
      Gastrointestinal Toxicity
      Lipid Profile Testing
      Thyroid Profile Testing

Dr. Kristen Lum  ND, LAc, MSOM


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